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Alfalfa for sustainable Livestock farming systems: Improve alfalfa-rhizobia symbiosis and new feeding strategy based on ecological leftovers.

The project fits the Topic  “Resource-efficient, circular and zero-waste food systems”.

The main objects of ALL-IN are the selection of elite rhizobial inoculants that enhance alfalfa yield and the development of specific sheep diets centred on alfalfa in combination with farm organic by-products (e.g. bio-waste from olive oil manufacturing). 

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14th December 2021

1ère Journée de sensibilisation des partenaires socio-économiques autour  des diverses applications des projets Prima et Susfood-Eranet



The goals

ALL-IN aims to improve sustainable feed and food production using a two-step strategy. The plan is based on the increase of alfalfa yield (in normal and semi-arid conditions) and its use as central component in a balanced diet for livestock in combination with farm bio-waste. 


1. University of Florence - Italy

2. Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique - Morocco

3. University of Pisa and Centro Ricerche Agro-ambientali "E. Avanzi" – Italy

4. University of Oran 1 – Algeria

5. University Moulay Ismail - Morocco